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Call our toll-free number to receive help with private drug rehab servicing Saint John New Brunswick. We are not a treatment centre, but we understand the difficulties experienced when living or simply being close to someone struggling with substance abuse.

Mind street drugs, medications, and alcohol cause continuous upsets, distrust, and anxiety to one and all. But there are solutions. It does, however, require some understanding of the options you have.

Experience guidance and genuine care are what we offer. You don’t have to look for a private Saint John treatment centre alone. Find out more about us here.

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Saint John & Help for Substance Abuse

If you live in Saint John or elsewhere, finding help for addiction is not always easy. As a parent, husband, or wife, you may be wrapped up in the problem of your loved one’s struggles. Often families and friends will look towards their public centre for guidance. It usually turns out to be a long uphill battle to get immediate help. Because of the high demands  in the field of recovery, these centres cannot always give immediate service.

This is why we offer guidance and assistance through our referral counsellors. As independent referral agents, they can help propose suitable and affordable private treatment centres. This means they will work with you, get the details of the situation, give insight into treatments for substance abuse, and propose the various options available to you. Help in New Brunswick is available with a call.

Saint John Public vs. Private Drug Rehab

The main issue that families in Saint John have is where to get help. There is a difference between funded treatment programs and private drug rehabs. First of which is the waiting lists, in the public sector, usually, a person can enter a detox within a day or two. But for a residential addiction treatment program, this can take as long as four to six weeks and in some cases longer. Also, the program length usually is the same for everyone.

This is not the case with private centres. Their needs and situation are cared for on an individual basis. There is a higher quality of nutrition and more one on one addiction counselling. Also, no waiting lists!

Saint John Drug Rehab 

Addiction Recovery

Like any other city, detoxes in Saint John only withdraw the person from the substance. The rehabilitation step and aftercare are important and should not be overlooked.

In rehabilitation, the individual deals with underlying issues. It also deals with changing life habits. Overcoming addiction is, for most, a long-standing effort.

You will find long or short-term residential or outpatient programs. Also, some people may need medical detox. To find out more about it, keep on reading.

Help and assistance in Canada are yours by calling our number.

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More on Rehabs

Saint John Drug Rehab

Searching on Your Own

You might want to find the facility independently. In that case, here is some information to help you. When choosing a facility, you need to consider certain things. These include the length of the addiction, the frequency of use, the types of drugs, and any medical issues. Determining the type of program is based on these factors.

When you call different centres, the person answering should normally do an assessment. The assessment helps them determine the treatment program length and if they can deliver to the person. Also, some rehabs have in-house detox, while others don’t. Whether they have this service is an important question; it will determine the need for you to look for a detox centre before rehab. Finally, the best treatment program for the person might not be in Saint John.

For more information on rehab types and treatment methods, visit the link “More on Rehabs.”

Help for Yourself in Saint John

Dealing with addiction can be overwhelming for families and friends in Saint John. A relatively happy, peaceful life becomes filled with problems and anxiety. Finding support support for yourself can be an important part of recovery.

In Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups, people find others with similar life situations. They share coping methods and ways to deal with the person with an addiction. For meetings in or near Saint John visit Al-Anon’s website.

When You Call From Saint John

If you contact us from Saint John, our referral counsellor conducts a phone assessment. Based on your responses, they will evaluate the extent of addiction and offer guidance accordingly.

This guidance leads you toward the next appropriate step with the individual or connects you with a suitable treatment centre. The counsellor will recommend services tailored to the needs of the person. They will arrange for the chosen centre or service to connect with you.

If the initially chosen facility is unsuitable for any reason, an alternative option can be proposed and contacted. Feel free to reach out for assistance at any time.

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Here is a helpline for public rehabs

New Brunswick Addiction Centres
Saint Joh
416 Bay St
South Bay
(506) 674-4300

You can find support for yourself with someone’s drinking. Click on the link below for details on Al-Anon Saint John.


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