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First and foremost, we are not a treatment centre. But if you’re looking for an Edmundston drug addiction treatment and need help locating a private drug rehab, we can help. When you call you will be connected to a professional referral counsellor. They will work with you to find good and affordable drug rehabs or detox centres servicing Edmundston.

Our referral counsellors do not represent any given facility. We have more than two decades of experience in the field and can guide you to a private facility or help you with the steps you need to take. You can find out more about us here.

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Choosing an Edmundston Drug Rehab

When choosing a facility, there are several things to consider. These include the duration of substance misuse and the types of drugs used. The information will determine the right program. Also, any medical or legal issues play a role in choosing the facility. The centre must be able to deal with these circumstances.

A medical detox, short or long-term treatment, or a specific type of program can be necessary. In the following paragraphs, you will find insights to help you choose a centre if you want to do it independently.

Delivering Lasting Sobriety

The one crucial factor in treating someone’s substance abuse is that they find lasting sobriety. Many rehab centres do good work, but some only treat the symptoms. Detoxes in Edmundston, like any other city, only withdraw the person from the substance. Rehabilitation is where the individual deals with underlying issues that brought on dependency. The rehab step is considered a complete treatment, while detox is the first step.

There are long-term and short-term recovery programs. If a person has been abusing for many years, there is a good chance that a thirty-day program (short-term) is insufficient. A good addiction counsellor will agree that the best results come with long-term residential rehab. Are you requiring help? We are available to give you guidance and help in New Brunswick.

Available Services

Addiction Services for Edmundston Residents

While some people may not require a residential centre, others might need long-term inpatient rehabilitation. The determination of the right treatment depends on the drug of choice, addiction length, and severity. For example, one who has been drinking hard alcohol for several years every day does not need the same level of care as one who is a weekend drinker.

The following section will give you guidelines if you want to search for treatment independently in Edmundston.

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Treatment Types & Methods
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Online Coaching

Medical Detox Services

Detoxing from alcohol and certain other drugs can be complicated and physically demanding. Not to mention life-threatening and would require this service.

Residential Long-Term & Short-Term Rehabs

Residential treatments can range from 21 to 60 days, and some can span a year or two. When you call a residential centre, ask if they have in-house detox. If they do, it could save you a lot of footwork, not having to look for a detox beforehand.

Coaching, Outpatient, and Addiction Counselling in Edmundston

When a person still functions in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or a day or evening program (outpatient) can be the right service.

Our Coaching Service

We provide an online coaching service. Our specialist in Drug and Alcohol Treatment provides personalized virtual sessions in the comfort of your home in Edmundston. You can read what people say once through the program. The program increases understanding, strengthens control, and gives a new perspective on life. You can find more about it here.

Calling for Help

Private Treatment for Edmundston

If you choose to call us from Edmundston, our referral counsellor will assess the person’s addiction. They will ask questions about the drug of choice, the length of abuse and any medical or legal condition that exists.

From there, they will suggest the best-suited service. Once you both agree on a facility, they will arrange contact. At this point, the centre will reach out to you. Any further questions you may have will be answered. When all is good, the facility will arrange the admission.

We would also like to keep in contact with you, and you can call us back with any additional questions. If the chosen centre doesn’t work, another one can be suggested and contacted.

Edmundston Drug Addiction Treatment & Referral

Our addiction referral counsellors are available to guide you through this difficult time. When you call, you will be in contact with an experienced addiction referral counsellor; one that has worked with addicted and their family. They know addiction and can give you help across Canada.

There exist many good affordable rehab programs and withdrawal management services. You can have assistance to search for a rehab in Edmundston, we are here to help. 

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Here is a community addiction service in Edmundston;

345 Hébert Boulevard
New Brunswick
E3V 0E7
(506) 735-2092

The services offered are;

Assessment of situation and needs;
Individual, family, and group services
Program for youth aged 12 to 19 and their parents
21-day residential rehab program offered in Campbellton only.


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