Help and Referrals to Private Treatment Centres

You find yourself looking for a recovery centre in Fort McMurray. You might be doing this for yourself or a loved one. But, even with the best assistance, you cannot find an immediate solution for help. 

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services can help you find affordable treatment. We are not a centre, but we offer our help to locate and put you in contact with appropriate recovery services in the private sector.

There are affordable rehabs servicing Fort Mc Murray. You can call for a free consultation, and we’ll work together to get you referred to affordable treatment centres.

If you want a publicly funded recovery centre, visit our Alberta page to consult our recommended rehab list. Or visit our Contact by Region page to get phone coordinates.

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What Occurs When You Call Us

Calling from Fort McMurray will put you in contact with a caring referral counsellor. They will start by doing an assessment to evaluate the severity of the addiction. That will help them determine the necessary treatment and guide you to the right one. Our consultation is free.

This guidance can be toward the next step you can take with the person if they are not ready to change. It can also be a direct contact with the appropriate treatment centre. They will suggest the services best suited to the person you want to help.

As independent agents, we will keep in contact with you until admission. We can find another service if the suggested one doesn’t work. You can find out more about us here.

Help for Fort McMurray Drug Rehab

Many different methods are used in recovery, and various settings also exist. Please click on the image to read more about it.

When choosing a recovery program, one should consider the philosophy, lifestyle and recovery needs of the person with the addiction. Finding sobriety is easiest when the program makes sense to the individual and addresses their issues. You might find a centre outside Fort McMurray that fits more with the person. 

In fact, being outside the regular environment can be therapeutic and also discourage the person from leaving. Old stomping grounds with acquaintances nearby can encourage the person to abandon treatment.

Various Types of Recovery Services

There are various treatment plans in existence in Canada. From the very first step, detox, to aftercare and sober housing. We have a section that gives you the essence of the most popular ones.

You can find the following addiction services for Fort McMurray and throughout the country.

  • Detox (Or medical detox)
  • Addiction counselling and outpatient treatments
  • Inpatient treatments
  • Aftercare programs

Click on the image “TREATMENT METHODS” to learn more about each.

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How Should I Bring the Subject of Rehab?

Arguments and heated discussions occur with no results when someone you know has an addiction problem. Many sleepless nights and anxious days are part and parcel of the situation. When the addiction is not extreme, meaning when life is not pending in the balance, one can address it patiently. There are more successful ways of talking rehab to a person. Find out more by clicking on “TALKING ABOUT REHAB.”

In extreme cases, one should think of intervention when the addiction is out of hand and life-threatening that would be the solution. Seeking a professional interventionist will help coordinate and get favourable results. Interventions can be emotionally charged, so having a professional will smooth out the process to ensure all remain respectful and effective. Read more about this process by clicking “MORE ON INTERVENTION.”

Fort McMurray Public Access Options

You may want a public access recovery service in Fort McMurray. Although the wait time can be long, people can get admitted faster with a physician’s or an addiction counsellor’s referral. So please talk with your family doctor about this possibility in your region.

Subsidized centres are a good choice. However, many public centres will require the person to be drug and alcohol-free several days before admission. A person choosing public access treatment must be able to “stay clean” for some days. Specifically when detox is done, and beds are limited at the facility. This situation makes attending public facilities a bit more difficult for some.

There are some misconceptions about private treatment centres. Some are affordable. Before making a decision, please give us a call. We’d love to tell you about it.

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