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 C. Pelland

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Carole has worked in a private substance abuse treatment facility for more than twelve years. Within those years, Carole held several positions from Website creation, Qualifying Supervisor, and day to day client care. Her passion for helping has always been at the forefront. That passion continued with overseeing medical care needs, personal needs, when required, and recreational activities

A Life Passion

One of her main functions was to oversee the quality of the program the center delivered. She ensured that it was running smoothly and that residents were progressing. Carole followed more than a thousand residents through their program and helped them in rough times with guidance & coaching. Carole also corrected any part of the program or staff member, so the outcome of substance abuse services was successful and upheld.

Having been exposed to addiction in her life, Carole has a unique perspective on what drugs and alcohol can do to an individual, a family, and society.

Addiction Referral & Consultation Service

Carole is one of the founders of Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. She continues today as she did in the past, following her passion for helping those in need. Knowing the conditions of our healthcare system in Canada, she decided with her partner to start a unique referral & consultation service. For the last eight years, Carole has held the position of Substance Abuse   Digital Marketing administrator. She specializes in giving correct and factual information on addiction, abuse, and treatment.

 Harvard Opioid Crisis Certificate.

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