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S.Chubbs Susan Chubbs, DATS

Addiction Referral Counselor

Susan Chubbs is a substance abuse treatment specialist. She has more than 15 years of experience working with families and people suffering from addiction issues. Her understanding and background in addiction and its consequences make her a valuable resource for struggling families.

Susan’s aptitude for actively listening and providing feedback is one of her most outstanding qualities. Callers appreciate and welcome her straightforward approach.

In talking and asking questions, she guides people toward appropriate resources, whether addiction counseling, medical detox, or long and short-term treatment. She can determine the most appropriate course of treatment for their individual needs.

Her Role as Coach

In addition, Susan works with families to coach them to get their loved ones to accept the necessary treatment. She also collaborates with centers and interventionists across Canada to get the needed help for the individual. She also follows up with families and monitors their progression.

Susan is also very successful at getting people to see they need help.

Knowing how important rehab is in substance abuse, she can easily convey it, and people are inspired to stay the course.


Susan started working for an international private treatment center in Quebec in 2004. She is a professionally trained withdrawal management specialist and has gotten countless people through this step of rehabilitation.

She also held the position of Rehabilitation Services Supervisor, caring for and being in close contact with not only the residents but the families.

She saw first-hand how addiction strains a family and tears relationships apart. She knows addiction affects the whole family and made it her life goal to help those gripped by it.

In 2014, she joined the team at Addiction Referral and Consultation Services. She operates the phone line and helps families across Canada find affordable solutions to substance misuse. Susan is also the lead coach for Addiction Recovery Coaching and has successfully gotten numerous people through this online service.

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