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Substance Misuse & Treatments

Any healthcare professional abides by a high ethical code. They know that any actions they perform if under the influence of substances or alcohol can put their client or patient in harm’s way. However, this is not an easy task to admit. Usually, the person is balancing their career and the well-being of their client. At the same time, admitting they have an alcohol problem, or a substance use problem is like stamping a target on their forehead.

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Anonymity and Addiction Treatment

In a variety of fields, healthcare providers are subject to strict protocols. Expected to follow procedures, the Professional who admits a problem is reported. Though addiction is recognized as an actual diagnosis and is treatable, a healthcare provider can be a victim in the system. Reporting any situation of using mind-altering substances may not be their first choice.


Options for Professionals in Addiction Treatment

What are the options when you or a colleague discover their substance use to be problematic? One would want, first and foremost, complete anonymity, total confidentiality, and above all, no backfiring on you, your life, or your carrier. It is understandable. Each person has the right to their own privacy and decision-making. The key to seeking help with substances or alcohol misuse, especially when one has a certain standing in society, is primarily the safety of one’s person. It includes one’s profession, lifestyle, and deciding how they deal with their personal issues.

Treatment Centers for Healthcare Professionals

At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we recognize this request. When you call our number, your call is not recorded, ever. Our centers for professionals in the healthcare field are well aware of the issues and risks you take. Each will work with you to ensure your anonymity with total confidentiality. Your career and your presence to others is our primary concern. Please take a few moments and consider your options. Calling our treatment referral counsellor may be the best decision you can make. Your life is your own. If you want out, contact us now and get the process started.

Healthcare Professionals and Substance Abuse

Any healthcare professional will agree that the level of stress and demand can bring one to seek relief on any given day. Some may find that physical activity is sufficient to release a stressful day. Others might find that the best way to unload the day’s ordeals is to distract themselves with online gambling. Then, a percentage finds it easier to use stimulants or relaxants to deal with everyday demands.

Examples of Substance Misuse and the Professional

A physiotherapist can have a day filled with frustrated clients, one after the next complaining of pain and discouragement. A first responder can receive four calls that day having to deal with heart-wrenching trauma. Or a professional distracted by emotional issues from everyday life or a pending divorce. The practitioner being engrossed with carrier demands and pressures to take any time for self or personal time.

A little calming agent or uppers may help to keep doing their job. The thing is that it does, at least for a short time. The person can still do their job, and they get by. But, when this becomes the everyday solution, we are way beyond the initial issue. A healthcare practitioner is not immune to life’s pressures and stress. At first, it might take the edge off from a gruelling day, but in time, one finds that a day without the substance is impossible. That is when there is a problem. That is when you need to call.

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