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Quitting Today

Making the Decision to Quit Today

You can make the decision to quit using illicit drugs or alcohol consumption today. You didn’t do it yesterday, nor will it become any simpler tomorrow. This is the constant issue with anyone dealing with all forms of substance abuse. But you can make the decision today. So, what makes today any different than yesterday or tomorrow? Is this because you snorted less coke today? Is it because you only had a few beers but did not drink any hard liquor? Or have you only smoked a half gram today, not a whole gram or two? Maybe you got more rest because you missed work.  Or did your wife, husband, or parent find out about your hidden actions? Well, none of the above is a good enough reason for you to make the decision of quitting today.

Survival and Addiction

Over the months or years, a person abusing illicit drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol will get into a pattern of consuming their drug of choice. Each will have this worked out like a well-timed Swiss clock. It does not matter who you are and where you stand on the social ladder of our current society. This pattern, unique to you, was set up by you so you could survive. This is what is required by your body and mind to avoid any withdrawal symptoms. Also, it is needed not to feel the pain of past traumatic experiences, physical or emotional. It is odd that addicted people would set up a survival pattern while causing slow and painful destruction of life. That is just part of the craziness associated with substance abuse.

Make the Decision of Quitting Today

So many substance abusers have stated quitting today. Most likely, you’ve heard this many times before. Or they can stop anytime but are just not ready to do it. Possibly they have promised to cut down their drinking or cocaine use. The bottom line is that this statement is what they really want to do but cannot get the needed determination to do it. At the beginning of this writing, it stated, “you can make the decision to quit today,” which is very true.

Arriving at a Conclusion

A decision is the ability to look and arrive at a conclusion. Any drug addict or alcoholic can look at their life and arrive at a conclusion. In pretty much all cases, if a substance abuser were to LOOK around honestly, they may be surprised at how bad things really are. It is this observation, and at that precise moment, you grab the phone and contact a drug and alcohol referral specialist who can keep you moving in the direction of this decision or conclusion. The interesting thing about all this is that you can only do it TODAY. Yesterday is past and tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, so today is all you got. Call now something can be done.

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