Private Drug and Alcohol Treatments

If you are looking for a solution for a relative struggling with substance abuse, call our private treatment centre referral service. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we assure confidential and professional assistance for you and your family member. 

Dial our toll-free number and get help by finding solutions to the ongoing problem you’re experiencing. Receive support in locating an affordable private treatment program servicing Strathroy. Although no Strathroy drug rehab services are available in the city, we can help find a centre for you.

If you want funded centres, please visit our Ontario page for links to recommended facilities.

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Private Rehab Facility

Our referral counsellors have been working in the field of substance abuse for nearly twenty years. They do not work or represent any facility. Working as independent agents their service to you is and unbiased. 

In short, we work for you and no one else. We help countless families and addicted people every year, in Strathroy and throughout the country. Sobriety is possible; we know we can assist you in your journey. Our commitment is to work with you until you are in touch with a treatment program that satisfies your needs.

Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse

What you are experiencing with your loved one’s indulgence in mind-altering substances is their answer to a problem. There is some unwanted personal feeling or uncomfortable experience they live with, which has no solution. The one option they have is finding relief. Drugs and alcohol, including medication, are pain-numbing agents. They dull out the unwanted source of discomfort and “make things better.” Yet, mind-altering substances also desensitize other needed qualities like responsibility, honour, trustworthiness, and honesty.

People will overdo these substances to deal with stress, failures, or painful circumstances they have difficulty facing. Most times, it is hidden and unconscious. The drugs remove awareness of the problem experienced and lay in the addictive nature of the chemicals. The body becomes dependent, and addiction begins. Treating drug addiction is done by professional detox workers and addiction counsellors.

Strathroy Drug Rehab Centres & Community Services

You most likely sought help for your loved one’s substance abuse by looking into local services in Strathroy. This may have left you with more questions and a bigger problem than you started with at the beginning. What you found may not have been encouraging. There is a scene that is constant from coast to coast in our country. Canada’s healthcare system is great in many aspects, but addiction care should be readily available in Strathroy and other towns.

Strathroy Drug Rehab Vs. Private Facilities

Public access treatments offer a wide range of services but have long protocols for admission and a waitlist to overcome. There are a few reasons why we tend to advise people in Strathroy to seek private assistance strongly. There are many affordable treatment programs in Canada to service Strathroy. These facilities tend to have no wait time with personalized counselling and fast admission with no clean time required.

Most will deliver detox, which means convenience, as the rehabilitation process can start immediately after. You can also expect good balanced nutritional meals, highly trained and courteous personnel, not overworked. Foremost, the counsellors-to-resident ratio is better, so service is delivered with more personal care and attention.

Our Service to You

When you call our referral counsellor, he or she will begin with a general case assessment followed by a substance abuse evaluation. This information permits a better understanding of the existing situation in Strathroy with your loved one. With this data, we will guide you and your loved one to a good and affordable treatment centre in Ontario or elsewhere, as the case may be. It starts with you, in Strathroy, calling our counsellors who serve all of Canada.

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