Referral & Consultation, Defined

Referral and Consultation

When you hear the term Referral Counselor, it’s most likely self-explanatory, but it is not always the case. This article intends to bring some understanding and clarity on how we refer and how and what we consult. You would not be reading this if you or someone you knew was not struggling with an addiction of some type. Addiction can be mild, troublesome, or severe, and the treatment options will vary according to this and other things.

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Who Calls?

There are several reasons people call for help. Addicts want solutions to stop the pain, emotional breakdown, jail time, fear, or loneliness. Family members will call for different reasons. Often, they just discovered that their son or daughter is a drug user and need to know what they should do about it.  A parent wanting to help a child with a drug problem will often hit a dead-end and call us. Those who have dealt with addiction before know that treatment is the only solution: they will seek a specific center or program type. Social workers, attorneys, and employers will also call to get some information on where they can get help rapidly. Due to extensive waitlists in the public sector, people reach for the private sector.

Our Consultation Service

Our services to all callers include consultation. This resource consists of an assessment of the situation and level (or seriousness) of addiction. Then suggestion to the best course of action is given for that person and their particular situation. Our referral service connects the caller with a reputed treatment center in Canada that serves your area.

However, it does not mean that a drug rehab center is down the corner or even in the same city. In our experience, people attending rehab in their hometown have less success than those going out of town. A change of environment plays a key role in the recovery process. We pride ourselves on being informative and truthful. We will not downplay the importance of what is occurring. It is an easy step from partying to the ER for an overdose, or worse.

Dealing with Substance Abuse

When dealing with abuse to street drugs, med pills (pain pills, etc.), or alcohol, talking goes so far. What works invariably is professional inpatient treatment centers and group or one-on-one addiction counseling. In this field, more than any other, the number of opinions and know-best attitudes are prevalent. Yet, a closer observation will open one’s eyes to a sobering truth. It is a billion-dollar industry for some vested interests.

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Life Experience with Addiction

A person should have life experience in a field to really understand it. Our counselors have that background. They have a good vantage point to consult and refer people to the best addiction treatment options in Canada.

Real honest and caring approaches to treat a wide variety of substance abuse is available. Across the country, each week, addicts are recovering, becoming happy, reconnecting with loved ones.

Referrals to Private Treatment Centers

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services is here for you. We will remove the false information and give the straight facts. Point you in the right direction and permit you and your loved one to live a long and happy, productive life. Drug-free living is not only possible, but some people also experience it. Let us make your hopes a reality. Call today for free consultation and referral to the best option for your family.

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