Is there a price tag on sobriety?

Just like any other healthcare provider, there is always a cost. Even when delivered from our Canadian health care, Canadian taxpayers foot the bill.

Across Canada, many detox and rehab facilities serve Canadians, both publicly and privately funded, including those covered by insurance. However, despite our healthcare system, statistics demonstrate that we cannot adequately care for those struggling with substance use disorder.

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Paying for Results

Every year, there are several hundreds of people with substance use disorder in Canada who die from overdoses. Despite the many millions of dollars spent on attempts, statistics demonstrate the problem persists.

The results from treatment in the public sector versus the private sector are not as clear-cut as one may suppose. In other words, one can only tabulate this with those who entered a program and did it to its end. It would also include aftercare and any specified post-treatment period. However, with many years in the field, one can conclude that there is a statistical difference in lasting results.

What To Expect From Private Treatment?

When choosing a private detox and rehab, you can expect a wide range of price tags. Currently, some of the lowest-cost addiction treatment programs across Canada start at around $3000 to $5000; some may be lower. Low prices are due to partly subsidized programs from government grants or local businesses.

These are normally a 28-day program. Often, it does not include the detox or withdrawal management part. The cost can rise from there on. Centres base their price on a list of services offered and time spent in treatment.

For example, a facility can offer a treatment program spanning 30, 45, 60, or 90-plus days. Each will have its cost, but it is more economical as per a sliding scale when one stays longer.

A Word on Detox

Then there is the detox; some centers include it in the price, but others do not. Facilities can charge from $3500 to $10000 for a detox of 7 to 14 days on top of their price.

Other facilities will not have a detox service. These will often require the person to detox at another center specializing in withdrawal management. Once done, the person can transfer to the rehab center to start the next phase.

Read more about Detox here.

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Why Does the Price of Private Programs Differ?

The funded rehabs cover the cost as stated above. However, some government treatment programs may offer paid-for beds. Usually, it is a fixed minimum cost and quicker admission.

Meanwhile, certain costs can be added or subtracted in the private sector. Based on amenities like private rooms or shared accommodations.

Certain facilities will offer private bathrooms or executive suites, etc. You may require a special diet, which could be an extra cost. Certain treatment centers will make a business center available for people who must stay in daily contact with their ongoing business and similar issues. That, in most cases, is an extra cost. The fluctuating prices are mainly due to the physical environment extras.

Proper Program Structure

The thing to understand is that the program structure is central to the overall cost. However, your loved one may require more specialized counselling that is not included in the program. This situation can occur when someone has suffered serious trauma or requires PTSD support.

In other words, there exist a wide variety of support services. There are treatment programs that have qualified staff in those specialized sectors. Different facilities must hire specialists, which may add to the overall cost. It is important to check with the service provider about the person needing additional services.

Important & Vital Information

You mustn’t give up hope if you or your family cannot afford private treatment. Many persons have yet become drug and alcohol-free thanks to local programs. It does, however, require strong determination and willpower on the person’s part.

Knowing that financing options exist for private treatment programs is equally important. When contacting the substance abuse treatment you choose, you should inquire about the different payment plans available. Some of the payment options may include but are not limited to.

  • Facilities financing program. Some will agree to monthly payments or deposit and balance later.
  • Another option is third-party financing.
  • There is an insurance option. This option has a wide margin, as it depends on the insurance company’s list of criteria. Speaking with your insurance broker or the chosen center staff before intake is best.
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Price Tag for Sobriety

So, the question remains: Is there a price tag for sobriety? The answer is yes, especially for those who can make a difference. If you or your family can cover the cost, you should take advantage. A life saved can turn around and save hundreds more.

For further information or referral, please get in touch with Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. We service across Canada.

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