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Often people interchange the word detox with rehab. A detox, properly defined, is a time when a person who abuses any mind-altering substance stops taking them. It is when the body gets accustomed to not having the drug. Depending on the individual and their drug of choice, it takes a couple of days to a week or two. Rehab is the process of getting the person not only to quit but to change their lifestyle concerning mind-altering substances. You can learn more about this process here. You can also read more on a medically assisted detox to find the difference between a regular detox.

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A Standard Detox: Definition

One often hears about a friend or relative going to detox. The modern dictionary defines the word detoxification as a program or facility for assisting a person undergoing detoxification from an intoxicating or addictive substance. So it refers to a period of time where an addict stops taking mind-altering substances under some supervision.

Origin of the Word

As far back as the Roman, Greek, Native American, and Indian Cultures detoxification was and still is a process that purifies and cleanses the body to rid it of toxins. The origin of the word (1905) comes from de- ( “not, do the opposite of, undo”) + toxic (from Latin toxicum “poison” ) + -fy (“make, make into”). Earlier in the same sense was detoxicate (1867). Detox is an Americanism dating back to 1970-75 made by shortening detoxification or detoxify.

What is a Standard Detox?

But many addicts will apply for this service and are bewildered to discover the service for detox is not what they expected. Most public detox centers will have room for eight, ten, or fifteen people at a time. The average detoxification program will last between four to six days, give or take. What is not recognized is that the addict is going through what is known as withdrawal.

All drugs, illicit or prescription including alcohol will cause side effects when their use is stopped. This includes mental and physical discomforts, sleep disturbances, aches, shakes, and at times can even cause certain psychosis. This, in itself, is normal and expected depending on the substance. Some addicts will have more difficulty than others with this phase. The counselors do not actually counsel, there is no counseling as such during detox.

Combating Side-effects

What is done to by-pass these side effects is some encouragement and the use of substitute drugs and prescription meds to ease the discomfort. There are other medications used during detox to ease one’s sleep, anxiety, fears and shakes, and other symptoms. Once the person has been withdrawn from the substance they are released from the center. Usually, the person is given a list of the potential drug rehab centers to apply to, to get proper addiction counseling.

Reunited family

A Standard Detox, the First Step

No matter the drug being abused this would be the first step. A difficulty most families face is locating the right private center. Our referral counselors have knowledge of the various option for private detox to help your loved one. Just don’t add time, this is the one enemy of sobriety.

Addiction always worsens over time and just keeps getting worse. Give your loved one the best gift of all; a clean sober life. Call our referral counselor today and get professional help. Dial our number today.

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