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Finding help in Owen Sound for a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol is a phone call away. Speak with a referral counsellor at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. He or she will guide and refer you to an affordable and reputable private treatment program servicing your area. 

We know how difficult life can get when living with someone who is misusing drugs or alcohol. On the mild end, it is a constant annoyance. On the rough end, it’s unbearable. What do you do about it? Where to start looking? There are no private rehabs in Owen Sound. What are the options? And hundreds of questions more.

However, if you want a public access facility, please consult our Ontario page for a list of recommended services.

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Owen Sound Rehab Services – Public-Access or Private

Possibly you contacted your local Owen Sound addiction services, and they gave you a number where you left a message. Or maybe you spoke to an addictions specialist who gave you a list of centers to call. In any event, addiction cannot be put on hold or on a waiting list. Your son, daughter, or spouse needs help now. Your loved one may not think he or she needs help. Maybe they’re in such a bad state they can’t comprehend the seriousness of the situation. The point is that you, being of sound mind, can take control and ensure your loved one is safe and in recovery.

Affordable Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatments

So many times, we hear that the public sector is overcrowded; there are a long waiting list and overworked counsellors. That may or may not be true, but when it comes to a relative needing help with addiction, why gamble. The private sector treats addiction to street drugs, or prescription med misuse, and even alcoholism. You get personalized care and one-on-one addiction counselling.

Owen Sound Drug Rehab & Price of Life

If one looks at it, for example, a pickup truck of recent years will sell for twenty or thirty thousand and more. Yet a full detox and rehab in a good private treatment center will cost between ten and twenty thousand. The price of the pickup truck loses its value as time goes by, but a rehabilitation program does not. A drug-free relative will be valuable every day, every week, and each month. In fact, it’s an investment, the best investment one can make, an investment in life!

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Owen Sound Drug Rehab & Possibilities for Recovery

We usually don’t bring up the subject of cost in our texts. But people are often so misinformed that the thought alone is set aside. There exist many affordable addiction treatment programs in Canada servicing Owen Sound residents. As well you will find quite a few private treatment facilities in Ontario. Our experienced referral counsellors will work with you.

They will guide you to the private detox and treatment center suited to your needs and situation. They will inform you of the options you have in Owen Sound. But it can only occur if you call. We also help across Canada, so our service is not limited to one province.

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