Drug Substitution Addiction Treatment

We are all aware of the destructive nature that drug addiction can cause to family and friends. With this growing problem, many health organizations have been researching ways to treat people. One solution to address the problem is Drug replacement and maintenance therapy. By definition it is a medical treatment that involves replacing an illegal substance, such as heroin, with a longer-acting but less euphoric opioid; methadone or buprenorphine are the drugs usually prescribed

methadone maintenance programMaintenance Therapy for Heroin

The methadone maintenance program is known for its curbing of withdrawal symptoms from heroin. It is used in situations where detoxification, as failed to bring results and the person, wants to stop illicit drug use. Normally people are increased in dosage over time. The drawback is that addiction to methadone has been reported. Methadone is administered in most cases over a prolonged or indefinite period of time.

Alcohol Abuse / Addiction

Naltrexone (ReVia) and Acamprosate (Campral) are a few drugs on the market at this time for alcoholism. They are thought to reduce the response to alcohol by lowering cravings, decreasing drinking stimulus, and increasing headache and nausea to discourage intake.

They are both used to reduce alcohol cravings and prevent relapse. Acamprosate can be used separately or in combination with naltrexone.

Addiction Treatment Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with a methadone maintenance therapy or some other substitution drug and do not like the effects call and speak with one of our referral counselors.

Addiction requires caring professional addiction counselors with well-proven addiction treatments. Substitute drugs may be useful to get the person up to a point where no drugs are substituted. Otherwise, you may just be substituting a problem for another. If you find yourself stuck in a drug substitution problem, call and speak with our counselor about it, he or she will help. We work with drug rehab centers across Canada and there are many that are affordable. Give us a call.

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