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Outpatient Program / Counseling

An outpatient program is just that; the person does not stay at the facility where services are delivered. The person can live at home after attending a daily or evening program. The plus point of this type of program is the availability of networks like support groups and group therapy as in NA and AA and addiction counseling. Normally these programs are government-funded, but some private centers also offer them.

This type of addiction treatment service can be of assistance to someone who may have a very hectic lifestyle and responsibilities. Family support and family involvement is also a focus of this type of program.

An outpatient program, is it for anyone?

You should understand that when a person is struggling with addiction to street drugs, abuse of prescription medication, or overusing alcohol, outpatient may not be a suitable treatment. For example, depending on the drug of choice and the amount consumed, you might require detox before starting this service.

The reason outpatient programs are available is to help those persons with mild substance abuse issues with drug types that are not acute addictive chemical substances.

Recommended Situations

Outpatient treatment programs are not the right solution for everyone with an addiction problem. For example, you might use cocaine and have some control over it, but it’s slowly taking over. Or maybe you drink on the weekends and not during the week. However, you drink more excessively. If this looks like you, then you could be a candidate for this type of recovery service.

In other words, whether you are a perfect candidate for an outpatient program depends on a few things. First, the type of substance being abused has some importance. Second, the amount used is of concern, and third, the frequency in which it is used.

Immediate Consultation

In all cases, it’s best to speak with a professional referral addiction counselor. Once you call a preliminary assessment will be done, this will determine if an outpatient program approach is the right one for you. Feel free to call today and speak with one of our drug rehab referral counselors

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