Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth and its Dangers

If you do not know what a Crystal meth lab looks like, maybe this may give you a bit of an idea. Picture a beautiful spring morning when you walk outside to get a good whiff of fresh spring air, and you receive a pungent dose of ammonia instead. You look over the neighbour’s fence and notice an odd heatwave from the garage door. Lying by the roadside are empty canisters of Drano, Javex, Ajax, broken car batteries and piles of empty over-the-counter cold medicines. This drug is also called “ice” or “glass,” there is further information on it.

You question your neighbour’s education and know he is not a certified chemist. Yet, he sometimes does look like a “mad scientist” with charcoal soot around the eyes and an over-exaggerated grin of excitement.

Meth Labs in Urban and Rural Regions

Though the above image may be ridiculous, it is true and a major cause of death across BC and other provinces. Meth labs, as described above, are a greater danger to surrounding homes and people than we think. All these homemade laboratories are stocked with dangerous and explosive chemicals. If you knew exactly what was put in some of these homemade drugs called Crystal meth, you would look at this person as a suicidal maniac.

The number of toxic poisons used to fabricate “Ice” would be like drinking rocket fuel. A person addicted to it has normally tried other drugs but didn’t get the desired effect, which is to numb the unwanted feeling, sensation, emotional trauma, or whatever the person seeks to relieve.

Crystal Meth and Physical Appearance

The drug Crystal meth will stamp out that unwanted feeling, but it also stamps out other memories, feelings, health, behaviour, and everything else that makes a person human. It turns people into zombies, literally. The looks of a person using “Glass” can change dramatically. The skin is duller sometimes with soars and pimples that can’t heal. It produces dry mouth, and teeth become stained, break or rot. Also, the person looks older.

Incarceration is Not a Means

Incarceration may stop such illegal activity. Yet to truly change, the person should do some form of drug addiction treatment program. What good is a prison cell if it doesn’t help beat the addiction? Remember, we are rarely born with a joint in our mouth, a straw in our noses, or a mug of beer in our crib. Addiction is created and permitted to go out of control.

If you know of a lab in your neighbourhood, please call the local authorities and get it dealt with for your safety and the safety of those around you. If you or someone you know has a crystal meth addiction problem, seek help.

Incarceration is Not a Means

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