A Drug Story

The Addiction of a young lady

When Lorie was a child, she was wonderful. She smiled and laughed, played with her toys, and made her mom and dad smile every day. She was good at school, had friends, and did well up to high school. Here things were a bit different. First, she had friends that dressed in a way not like her. She was baited to fit in, then change her hairstyle, starts using dark makeup, and thinks in terms of defiance, enough that she could stand up to her parents, who refuse to let her out past 11:00 pm.

It wasn’t long before she met Will, who was a popular jock at school. Long wavy hair, blue eyes, and a half-decent six-pack for abs. He also enjoyed sharing his connection to marijuana and got the girls to smoke with him. It was all quite normal to Lorie as everyone was doing it. And she only did smoke pot on the weekends.

But it wasn’t long before she skipped her first school day to hang out at the local pool hall where someone at the back door would let in underage kids. She was offered her first shooter and actually puked that afternoon. But Lorie had goals in life. She was going to be a legal secretary someday, like her mom.

Soon Lorie began to have difficulty concentrating and mentioned this to Will, now her boyfriend. He suggested a little white pill that was a mind enhancer and help her focus at school while still partying on weekends. At first, it did just that, but when the drug’s effect wore off, she felt really bad and took more to feel okay.

This rapidly escalated to daily use. She lost focus on her goal and began to disagree with her parents more and more. Fights broke out often. She could not handle the pressure of her guilt and lies. Lorie decides to leave and live with Will, who “took care” of her.

Once she lived with Will, he began to supply her with more and more drugs, introduced her to heroin, and she rapidly began to shoot twice a day. Lorie lost weight and started to show signs of illness. When she went to the doctor, he announces that she had contracted Hep-C. Lorie was devastated, sad and alone and did not know where to turn.

Lorie thought of going to talk to her parents, but she had caused them so much hurt and sorrow she did not want to tell them she had become a Heroin addict.

This story is just an example of thousands of kids going through very similar circumstances. If your child is somewhere in this downward spiral and you’re unsure what to do, contact an experienced addictions counsellor who can advise and consult you about the various options to help your loved one. No child or addict deserves to suffer any longer than needed. There are ways to break the cycle of illicit drug abuse, and professional help is just a phone call away.

Act now, do something to change the situation. Call us today. A referral counsellor is standing by to help you out with solutions.

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