Marijuana and DUI

For help now with marijuana addiction call our toll-free number and speak with our marijuana addiction counselor who will be able to assist you in locating a suitable drug rehab and drug addiction treatment program for your addiction. Marijuana is more in the news than ever before and here is why;

A recent study by addiction researchers at the Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia found that people who drive under the influence of Marijuana are twice as likely to have a vehicle accident than people who are under no toxic influence. When you do a quick search on this subject you will find a wide variety of opinions and inconclusive studies. There are most likely many reasons that no one person with any level of authority will actually step up and make a ruling on this subject of Marijuana and DUI and the lobbyist of pro-pot make a very hot topic in various government departments.

But it does not require a university degree and hundreds of thousands of people with marijuana addiction to know there is something not quite right here. No matter how you look at it Marijuana when smoked causes a change in behavior and motor skills. This is an undeniable fact. If you doubt this, smoke a joint and try to thread a needle; this will give you an idea of what THC, the active substance in marijuana, can do on the road.

Let’s be realistic, the recreational marijuana is taken to create an effect upon the person and their senses. This is no different than the person who drinks alcohol to take the stress off each day after work. Anyone who is using pot is doing so for the psychotropic effect that it creates; it goes to show that the person is not functioning with all their perceptions at full availability, slowed down reaction time, blurred vision, attention wandering, giggles for no reason, daydreaming, dopiness, fatigue, etc are all part of the side effect of THC.

Marijuana and DUI- Why Not!

Drinking and driving, smoking and driving, sniffing and driving, or texting and driving are all big mistakes. People die every day because of these actions, every day a new funeral is planned, sorrow is spread about and finally, someone wakes up and says “this is wrong.” Driving under the influence of marijuana should be classified as a crime just like alcohol! Why? Because there are kids out there I care about, friends and family, and people, in general. I care about and would not be pleased to hear they were killed by some pothead that was playing Nintendo in his head instead of looking at the street light change to red.

Only we, as individuals can make a difference for future generations, take your side and get others to do the same..

Marijuana Dependency

If you have a marijuana addiction and you want to stop smoking pot, call and speak with our marijuana referral counselor about it, he or she will help.

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