Cocaine: A Social Problem

Cocaine addiction has been a constant social problem for many decades as a recreational drug, whereas it was once a medicinal drug, this is no longer the case. 

There are millions of people across Canada and the USA who struggle with this drug. Some, to such a degree, have lost everything. They have either become cocaine dealers and traffickers or have descended to common criminals just to keep up their daily dose of the white powder. Others have lost their life by overdose and heat failure.


Treatment Programs for Cocaine Addiction

The usual treatment for cocaine is the well-known and advertised program such as Cocaine Anonymous. But there are other drug rehab treatments to handle this addiction on the market and some are successful and others not so much. But recent researchers from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have come up with a trial drug. It is based on a molecular mechanism through which cocaine use alters the brain’s reward system and causes addiction.

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Brain Reward Mechanism

The idea is that by finding this mechanism that alters brain reward circuits, a drug can be synthesized to counter cocaine drug addiction. I am no expert, but isn’t that what was done with heroin addiction, by using methadone as a counter agent to cut out the heroin withdrawal symptoms without giving a heroin high to the person? Yet, one needs to stay on this drug for years, and it still did not address the reason the person was taking heroin in the first place. Despite methadone use, many drug abusers still use heroin or other drugs.

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Researchers & Chemical Changes

What is different with this research? Nothing really! Once again, the chemical researchers are in the brain looking for chemical changes when it is obvious there will be chemical shifts in the brain. Anyone who takes cocaine is altering their natural chemistry throughout the body, not just the brain. So, the end result will be a new legal chemical drug to replace some illicit drugs.

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One would need to look at the cause of addiction as a lack of good solutions to daily problems in life. People take drugs as a solution to unwanted conditions. Physical pain, emotional pain, unwanted feelings, and traumatic situations in life. Every individual requires some means to handle these things when they occur.

Without a solution available, drugs and/or alcohol will bring some momentary relief to the person. But the body is constructed of proteins, vitamins, and a whole bunch of minerals required to ensure good functioning health. When we throw some toxic poison in there, the result is altered chemistry and failing systems—no different than downloading a virus on a computer.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction requires caring drug addiction counselors and a well-structured addiction treatment program ideally that give proper nutrition to the body to combat the body’s toxic poisons. A person then needs to learn how to deal with daily life and the normal problems presented. There is no miracle pill to replace a good education in life skills and living.

All addiction treatments start with the right treatment program if you have a problem with this drug call us for help. We will guide you to a real solution, not a miracle pill.

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