Biophysical Treatment for Substance Abuse

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Addressing substance abuse with a biophysical treatment is a specialized form of therapy. The program will vary with each drug rehab center. But all have some common aspects. The word BIO- from Greek bios meaning “life,” per it means “indicating or involving life or living organisms.” The second word, “PHYSICAL” is, anything tangible and related to things in the physical environment. When this is related to substance abuse, we refer to the treatment of life and living organisms. Therefore, it pertains to the physical person, his or her body.

Biophysical Addiction Treatment Centers

These biophysical rehab approaches have been ever-growing in popularity and demand for the last few decades. Because of the destructive nature of drugs and what they inflict on one’s body and organs, they seem relevant. Many drug rehab centers will address the psychological effects of drug addiction without addressing the physical dependence first. It may account for their limited success rates.

Most drug rehab centers will have a “detox” period; this is the time-lapse where the person stops consuming drugs or alcohol, also known as withdrawal. But some treatment centers consider this to be a form of biophysical detox. When, in fact, the person has simply ceased to take drugs for five or seven days. The true biophysical treatment will be much longer and require a full assessment of one’s health. Once the person has clearance, the next step would be remedying or rebuilding the areas deficient in nutritional substance. This kind of program would include a balanced diet, including good healthy foods, some dietary supplements. Alongside a regimen of exercise, to increase the body’s function, up to where it should be for one’s age. This treatment method may include such activities as yoga, meditation, exercises, acupuncture, and all similar subjects.

Biophysical Approach

SaunaA more precise approach to biophysical treatment is made with sauna detoxification. This process requires a carefully guided regimen of exercise to increase blood flow, large doses of controlled vitamins and minerals, and long periods of sweating in a sauna. Of course, qualified personnel supervise this procedure. This method encourages fatty tissues to release minute drug particles lodged in these tissues. These drug toxins are then flushed from the body through sweat. The testimonies of this type of treatment are an overall sense of well-being and feeling of a drug-free body. Many people report feeling as they did before ever taking drugs or alcohol.

Usually, all biophysical addiction treatment programs are followed up with some form of psychological and social counseling to address the other aspects of drug addiction. One cannot truly consider their treatment complete with only a biophysical address. Though such an approach obtains significant gain, it is not an end-all.

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