Drug Busts in Canada on the Rise

Drugs are more plentiful

A recent publication by Jennifer Yang a Global health reporter states that Canadian researchers find illegal drugs more plentiful despite police seizures. cocaine, cannabis, and heroin are more plentiful and powerful than ever, despite a global increase in drug seizures. US and Canadian researchers look at the War on Drugs and conclude drugs are cheaper and more powerful now than in the last several decades.

The Real Issue

The real issue at stake here is not some politician’s agenda but the individuals that become victims of this epidemic called illicit drug trafficking. The history of drugs and alcohol is well known and its expanding market in Canada can also be easily traced. But what is not being looked at is the real source of the epidemic. It might be a good thing to look into the actual consumer of illicit drugs in Canada.

Drug trafficking would be less of a profitable organization if there was little or no demand. Just as some earlier popular products on the market lost or got fewer demands, so this should be the focus of attention by law enforcement and legislative bodies in their battle against illicit drugs.

The Cause of the Demand

So many specialists have searched for the cause of such consumption and the number of published results is as varied as there are addicts on the street. It would seem that none of these experts can agree on the actual cause of the demand. And let’s face it; drug addiction is a very complex subject. A great philosopher once said, “the greater the complexity of a subject the simpler the approach should be”.

Common Denominator

In surveying the common denominator of addicted people it was found that in every case there was one common factor found.

Drugs or alcohol were consumed as a means to deal with some unwanted personal situation, whether aware of this or not. Every drug addict or alcoholic in Canada will be found to have some underlying and unwanted situation. Without a good pro-survival solution the majority of addicts and alcoholics will find that by taking a drug or a drink they can mask or achieve a momentary relief to their suffering. But then as the drug or drink wears off the underlying issues re-surface and more drugs are consumed until a physical dependence is achieved, thus the cycle of addiction and the resulting demand for traffickers.

Unwanted Emotions and Situations

But this only answers those Canadians that have become victim to drug and alcohol use. The prior question should be how come these people could not handle their unwanted emotional situation or ailment? Thus we come to the subject of education. Education is the basis of all great societies and cultures. With proper knowledge comes ability, when a person has gained ability he or she can function in a society no matter what is happening. This is so true that it can be seen easily with electronics, most people are unaware of the potential use of a simple cell phone, yet those who really know them can do extraordinary things.

Education for a Better Canada

If we want a better Canada for future generations, attention should be focused on education, especially in the areas of, problem-solving, philosophy, morals, and ethics much of which has been dropped out of use in the past decades. Educate the young on what solutions are available and possibly the demand for drugs will be countered and a better Canada can be created.


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