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Call our toll-free number to get help right now with a loved one struggling with addiction to mind-altering substances. Our professional referral counsellors will help guide you to affordable private treatment centers in Manitoba or elsewhere. Your call is confidential. We understand that substance abuse to illicit drugs or prescription medication abuse and alcoholism can generate turmoil. So, we will work with you in locating suitable private centers to bring some peace to your family. Finding a reputed Manitoba drug rehab center requires well-grounded experience in the field. Speak to a professional who can guide you, so your loved one is not put on hold.

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Different Drugs Different Needs

But there is some information about drug addiction and treatment programs that you should know. This will significantly help you make the right choice as to where you should send your loved one. One of these is that many different approaches exist to treat substance abuse. Helping someone addicted to cocaine is not the same as assisting another struggling with alcohol abuse. The latter may require a medical detox, while the other will not. Each addicted person has their own case with their issues, personal situations, and needs. That is why a referral addiction counsellor can help find addiction treatment facilities in Manitoba or elsewhere.

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Referral to Private & Referral Counsellor

Our addiction referral counsellor has worked in the field of substance abuse with families across the country. During their years in rehabilitation, they have acquired knowledge of various private rehab centers in the country. They also know the different types of treatment available in Manitoba and across Canada.

There exist many affordable treatment centers that serve residents of Manitoba. Knowing which facility is right for the person’s specific needs may require professional assistance, and we offer our service across Canada. If you don’t know where to start, calling us can be the right action.

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We already know that drug and alcohol addiction takes over a person’s life. Many facts about drug or alcohol addiction in Manitoba are well-known to the general public.

What isn’t known is what to do about a family member’s substance abuse when discovered. And how can I help the person? Where do I send them? That is the most challenging step in any family’s attempt to help a loved one.

It raises many more questions, like which Manitoba drug rehab center is best. Or do they need to detox first? Will the facility be suited to their needs and situation? These are the questions that our referral counsellor can help answer.

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What to Expect

When you call our number from Manitoba, our referral counsellor will answer your call. They will do an assessment over the phone to determine the level of addiction and suggest the appropriate addiction service.

It can be toward the next step with the person or a contact from an affordable treatment center. Please keep in mind that the right center can be outside Manitoba. But they will suggest the best services for the person. We always maintain contact with you until your loved one is in a treatment centre. Also, another center can be contacted if the first one doesn’t work. You can call for help at any time.

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