What to do if someone’s addiction is ruining your life

Is your life being controlled by another’s addiction to illicit drugs? Has your life been disrupted by a loved one’s overconsumption of alcohol? Are you continuously worried and anxious because your son, daughter, or spouse are using drugs?  This is quite common in our current society. Every week our referral counselors receive calls from distressed parents. Any person associated with a drug user or alcoholic, even a prescription abuser, knows too well the chaos that results.

Father and son

Solutions & Dilemmas

The big question asked of us is: what can I do about it? Where are the solutions to this ongoing problem in my life? There exist solutions, and there are ways you can get help for that person. Parents often ask us if they should put their kid out on the street. The decision to do so is not the best solution. The consequences could be fatal.

Circumstances & Families

So, what does one do when a relative’s addiction is ruining your life? Consider that each type of addiction has its variables. No one family has the same circumstances. Is the person smoking weed all day? Or is the person shooting heroin in the bathroom? Is the person drinking to blackouts or only drinking small amounts all the time? The degree of abuse has much to do with the approach to regain control of your life.

The Quick Fix

Are you dealing with a spouse? Is it your co-worker or employee? Some may find solutions in a separation or divorce. Others will fire the worker after a few warnings. What consequences will that decision bring? You will need to find and train a new worker, hire a divorce lawyer, raise your child alone, etc.

The Solution to someone’s addiction ruining your life.

Do you want your life back as it was before the problem? Are you willing to do what is necessary to deal with this ruin? Some people require a more compassionate approach, whereas, with others, only stern action will get results. In our twenty years of experience in the field of substance abuse, only a few measures have shown to be workable.

Knowledge & Certainty

The following may sound too simple, but do not be fooled by the power of knowledge. If you know how to fix a flat tire, you can take responsibility and fix it. If you know how to calm a crying child, you can easily control it and not be affected. Well, it is the same circumstance with an addicted person. And knowing how to deal with an addict is also essential.

Someone’s addiction is ruining your life; get help.

Can you learn how to deal with a person’s addiction? Yes, you can. Most private treatment centers have people available to help others understand substance abuse. They know what motivates the substance abuser. They know what triggers the relapses and more. You can also; it is merely a matter of gaining some necessary know-how on addressing the issues at hand.

I recommend speaking with a professional addiction counselor. He or she will work with you regarding your son, daughter, or spouse. Guiding you to help your loved one and have them willing to go to a detox and rehab. This will result in peace of mind for you and the whole family. You need to make a call.

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