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Your family’s emotional, financial and spiritual health is important to you. We know how difficult it is to deal with a family member who is addicted. And finding help can be difficult when a loved one’s addicted to any mind-altering substances. We offer our services in the hope of unburdening families. We specialize in private services across the country. 

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You want a good affordable private drug rehab center for your family member? You tried other services, but their price is out of range, or maybe you got little or no response.

We specialize in finding affordable treatment programs in Canada suited to the person in difficulty. We answer our phones seven days a week. We are reliable and are ready to help your family.

Years of Experience

In Addiction Treatment

Sad couple needing help.

Our referral counsellors have been in the field of substance abuse for more than thirty years. We understand the subject at hand. We know what issues you face every day. The sleepless nights, the anxiety, and the mistrust are all part of substance abuse and addiction.

Your decision to reach out for help is correct. Too many families wait only to deal with the devastating effects. Unfortunately, we also know that the public access centres have long waitlists.

The choice of the facility you send your loved one to is important. Across Canada, there exist a wide range of addiction treatment methods. Our purpose is to help you help your loved one with the appropriate program, one that is affordable. You just simply need to contact us.

The Steps When You Call

Referral to a Drug Rehab

To give the best possible guidance to every individual calling our line, we take specific steps.

The Assessment

Our counsellor will ask questions about the person who requires help. They will ask questions to see what drugs are abused and how long the addiction has been.

The Referral

With the information gotten on the first step, our counsellor will see what treatment program would best suit the person and put you in contact with the centre.

The Follow-up

We will follow up a few days later to see if you are satisfied with the treatment centre. If not, we will search for another place.

Approaching a Family Member

Rehab Centre Getting an Agreement

You might have all the good intentions in the world but approaching someone with substance abuse is not so simple. In many circumstances, the person will deny having issues. In actual fact, a person can turn the table on you. They might tell you that you don’t trust them or think so little of them.

This is just a ploy to take the attention off of them and put it back on you. It is just part of the “game” an addicted person plays. It is simply denial. If you are uncertain how to approach the person to accept your help, call us. We have helped families across the country for decades.

If All Else Fails

The Services of a Drug Intervention

In the worst-case scenario, a drug intervention can be called upon to resolve the situation. There are many skilled interventionists in Canada ready to help. The point is that you do not have to put up with the issue, and you should not. Being effective in getting the help the person needs is crucially important. If you need the use of a professional in this area, we can help. You just need to contact us.

Much More

Professional Services

There are many aspects to choosing a treatment program for someone. Depending on the substance and the length of the abuse, a person may need a particular treatment. Is that specific person in need of medical detox? Or can they simply go through a standard detox and rehab afterwards?

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