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Looking to Help
a Friend 

My friend’s addiction is out of control, and I am unsure what to do?

Dealing with someone you care about who has an addiction problem can be daunting. And looking for an addiction treatment centre can be otherwise complicated. A few questions are important to ask. Did the friend ask for help? Does the person realize that he needs assistance from a treatment program? Wanting a person to get help is one thing; getting them to see they need it is another. It is possible to get a person there. With patience and perseverance, one can get somewhere.

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Help With Addiction

How We
Can Help

When you call, our counsellor will assist you in the best way to help that person. Dependent on the answers to the questions above, it can go different ways. But you should talk to them first to see where they stand on the subject.

Either they will help you reach out to that person and guide you to have them see they need treatment. Or, if the person is ready from the start, they will determine what program suits that individual and put you in contact with the centre.

Helping a Friend

Getting Started on the Road to Recovery

Hand reaching out to another

Talking to our experienced counsellor will give you the confidence to guide your friend to a drug rehab center. They will speak to you and give you pointers on approaching the situation if that is the case. You have nothing to lose.

With their many years of experience helping families and addicts alike, they will be able to assist you in getting your friend the help they need.

It is clear that you care about your friend. Maybe it’s been bothering you for some time now, and you know you need to bring it up a notch. You feel you can’t let it slide anymore. We understand. We can work together to get your friend to see he needs help, and then we’ll find the best treatment approach for him.

Plan Of Action


You are still worried about what direction to take. You’re not sure we can help. Our main goal is to guide people with correct information on facilities, drugs, and treatment options with the three steps below.

Sometimes people can’t see how their misuse affects their lives and those of others. Sometimes they just don’t want to look at it no matter what you say. Drug intervention could be a solution for this.


Make A Phone Call

By calling our referral counsellor you will have a better idea of how to proceed.


Get Him Referred

Get in contact with a person at the rehab centre. Get a feel for the place and ask questions.


Get A

We follow up a few days after to make sure you are satisfied. If not, we find a new facility for you.

Choosing a Rehab

Treatment and Facility Types

With a wide variety of treatment approaches in our current society finding the right one can be tricky. Our experienced referral counsellors are well informed to assist you in choosing a suitable facility.



Long-Term Program

What is best for a person is based on the individual's current situation. Someone who relapsed after a short-term residential rehab is not likely to succeed in the same type of treatment program.
The same may apply to a person who has a long-standing addiction. Years of abuse do not vanish overnight. Both cases would greatly benefit from a more substantial long-term recovery program.

Short-Term Program

A short-term program might be appropriate for someone who has just lost control of their consumption and started spiralling down. It would be the proper type of program for a person who wants to stop their use of drugs.
In many hard case addictions, a short-term recovery program is not enough. Years of substance abuse need time to heal and recover. A short-term program does work well if support is available after the program.

Recovery Coaching

You heard of "Online Counselling," the concept of addiction recovery coaching is different. The program is made so to increase confidence, awareness, and control through education.
Online Addiction Recovery Coaching is an option for people who haven't lost control but struggling somewhat—a person would benefit from this program if they had a mild addiction problem

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services

Consultation for Drug Rehabs in Canada

Why contact Addiction Referral & Consultation Services? Because we know the field. Our staff have experience with treatment centres, families and addicts. We know firsthand what you are dealing with and its many intricacies. We understand the issues and the chaos it brings. Drug and alcohol addiction overwhelms and takes over the family unit and many others things surrounding the addicted person. Looking for rehab centres in Canada on your own is one more thing to the overwhelm.