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To receive help right now with private drug rehab servicing Saint John New Brunswick call our toll-free number. We understand the difficulties experienced when living or simply being close to someone struggling with substance abuse. Your concerns are well justified. Mind street drugs, medications, and alcohol cause continuous upsets, distrust, and anxiety to one and all. But there are solutions. It does, however, require some understanding of the options available.

Being caught in a daily situation where your loved one is suffering from any form of mind-altering substance requires experienced guidance and genuine care. This is what is offered by our addiction referral counselors. So stop looking for a Saint John addiction treatment center and call.

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Finding Proper Help for Substance Abuse

If you live in Saint John or elsewhere, finding proper help for addiction is not always an easy task. You, as a parent, husband, or wife may be so wrapped up in the problem of your loved one’s struggles. Often families and friends will look towards their public center for guidance. This usually turns out to be a long uphill struggle to get immediate help. Because of the high demand for help in the field of drug rehabilitation, these centers cannot always service those calling.

This is why we offer guidance and assistance through our referral addiction counselors. As a referral agent, he or she can help propose suitable and affordable private treatment centers in New Brunswick. This means they will work with you, get the details of the situation, and give insight into treatments for substance abuse, and propose the various options available to you.

Public vs. Private Drug Rehab

The main issue that families in Saint John have is where to get help. There is a difference between funded treatment programs and private drug rehabs. First of which is the waiting lists, in the public sector, usually, a person can enter a detox within a day or two. But for a residential addiction treatment program, this can take as long as four to six weeks and in some cases longer. Also, the program length usually is the same for everyone.

This is not the case with private centers. Their needs and situation are cared for on an individual basis. There is a higher quality of nutrition and more one on one addiction counseling. Also, no waiting lists!

Saint John Addiction Treatment Facilities – Private Sector Help

There exist many affordable treatment programs in Canada. The most critical step before any of the above is deciding to do something about it. It is possible to recover from addiction, but it does require you to act. The thing to do is speak with an experienced referral counselor today.

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You can find support for yourself with someone’s drinking. Click on the link below for details on Al-Anon Saint John.