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If you are looking for a Lethbridge addiction treatment center and are not sure where to start, call 1-888-488-8434. One of our experienced drug rehab consultants is there to help. He or she will answer any question you may have on treatment options and private or funded centers, including detoxes availability.

You would like admittance to a centre as quickly as possible? We know you want to see your loved one succeed and be happy. You dread the idea of your loved one is arrested, revived at the emergency ward for an overdose, or worse. Then do the right thing, take action call today.

Substance Abuse – Progression

Any dependence on street drugs, prescription meds abuse, or overuse of alcohol brings about not only an unhealthy lifestyle; but often a degraded mental capacity. That is the strange behaviour you notice in your son or daughter, the rapid mood swings, the lying, and cheating.

The story is the same in Lethbridge or any other city in Alberta. We hear on every phone call; “my daughter was such a good student” or “my husband has always been a good husband and provider.”

These and thousands of similar comments are what mind-altering substances do to a person. The person loses sight of his or her values; loses the ability to differentiate what is important and personal integrity vanishes. It gets worse as the dependence progresses.

Lethbridge Addiction Treatment Referrals

Call one of our referral counsellors for Lethbridge residents. They will guide your search, make recommendations for rehab centers, and answer your questions. It’s much easier to address a situation when you are well informed. There are thousands of rehab centers in Alberta and across Canada. Our knowledgeable consultants are there to find which drug rehab is best suited for your circumstance.

You can inquire with our counsellors regarding the various available options for your loved one’s situation and particular needs. We have contacts throughout the country to dozens of private drug rehab centers and their staff. With a variety of treatment approaches, including private medical and non-medical detox services, we can help.

Lethbridge Addiction Treatment – Help

The main point is not to wait until things get really out of control, which will happen with substance and alcohol abuse. The only way to gain some control over the situation is to act. Call today and speak with an experienced Lethbridge addiction treatment referral counsellor. We’re here for you to bring hope and solutions to your life. You should not have to worry and live with anxiety about a relative’s destructive actions. You can make a difference; get informed, sobriety is available, and so are many affordable drug rehab centers in Canada.


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