Cocaine Addiction New Treatment Research

Cocaine Addiction New Treatment Research Anyone with a cocaine addiction can get immediate help by calling our toll-free number. A professional referral counsellor will take your call and help you find a treatment suited to deal with your dependency. We know how cocaine use can get out of control, call us and let us help you […]

Drug Substitution for Addiction Treatment

Substitute Drugs for Addiction Treatment If you or someone you know is struggling with a substitute drug and wants help call 1 888-488-8434 and speak with one of our referral counselors. They have been in the field of substance abuse for many years and have followed the changes in addiction treatment and what is being […]

Talking to a Drug Addict

Talking to a Drug Addict One of the most challenging things for a family member to face is the drug addiction of their son or daughter, husband, or wife. This extends to close relatives and includes friends of the family. How do you deal with a drug addict? Most addiction does not happen overnight; it’s […]

Subsidized Rehab

Subsidized Rehabs & Wait Time Public Access Services I have been in the field of substance abuse, helping others since 1998. Having struggled with my addiction to illicit drugs, including hallucinogens, I have been drug and alcohol-free for over 20 years. Throughout my career, I have seen almost every type of substance abuse in our […]