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We will help you or your family locate the best drug or alcohol rehab in Alberta or elsewhere.

Our experts know addiction treatment centers and can find one that meets individual needs. There are public and private treatment centers in Alberta. Our counselors will help guide you to the best private treatment options in the province. Additionally, suppose you or your loved one are searching for public options. In that case, we can help guide you to programs provided by the provincial Health Services.

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Calling for Help

When you first contact Addiction Referral and Consultation Services, our counselors provide an assessment to help determine the best drug or alcohol treatment options for you or your family.

Additionally, our professionals can stay in contact until you find the right addiction service. We’ve helped many families in Alberta find good rehabs in Canada. Contact our counselors for more information.

Finding The Right Alberta Drug Rehab

Knowing the right drug rehab in Alberta for your situation is not always easy.  However, there are some practical tips to make the search process much more manageable.

  • Contact addiction treatment professionals. When searching for a drug rehab in Alberta, it is an excellent option to speak to the experts who can help narrow the search for you or your family. ARC services have qualified professionals to guide you or your family through the entire search process.
  • Consider long-term private recovery centers. Generally, a long-term rehab is the best option because it provides more  methodologies and support.
  • Find programs that offer detox. Detoxification is a critical step; if provided in-house, it makes it easier to transition to therapy.
  • Ensure the program provides aftercare support. Whether this is a support group, sober living, or outpatient care, aftercare support is essential. The rehabilitation center should provide aftercare support.
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Alberta Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centers – Private vs. Public

There are significant differences between private and public sector rehabs in Alberta. The public access program is paid for by the provincial government and operated by Provincial Health Services.

Depending on what region of the province you or your family resides in, the resources are not extensive. The province has invested more money to create more treatment beds, but demand is great post-pandemic.

Residents who have Alberta healthcare can access public drug and alcohol rehab services. The downfall with these services is the long wait times and the limited number of beds.

Private Rehab Alberta

In contrast, private drug rehabs in Alberta or elsewhere do not necessarily have extensive wait lists. And access to these programs is much easier. In addition, there are more rehabilitation methodologies provided and amenities.

Addiction Treatment Alberta – How to Help Someone

Convincing your loved one to get help is not always easy. However, there are options to consider.

  • Family interventions work. Organizing a family intervention is the best approach. Generally, this is done with multiple people who face the addict lovingly to convince them to attend drug or alcohol treatment.
  • Hiring a professional family interventionist is the best option. It is not always easy to organize and execute a family intervention. Hiring an experienced family interventionist ensures a better level of success. It significantly helps the family with enabling and co-dependency issues.
  • One-on-one conversation. This can also be a useful approach. But it depends on the severity of the addiction and the level of denial.

The Recovery Process

After Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Alberta

Once completing a treatment program, the next step involves arranging aftercare support. There are many different options to consider.

Support Groups—This does not necessarily have to be a 12-step support group, as other forms of peer support exist. Common 12-step groups include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  

Individual Counseling—There are various counseling services throughout the province provided by Alberta Health Services and private counseling centers.

Sober Living Homes—Sober living homes are excellent options for recovering addicts who do not have a place to live or a job. These homes provide an opportunity for recovering addicts to rebuild their lives.  

Outpatient Drug Rehab—It is common for outpatient centers to offer aftercare support and allow clients to attend counseling or meetings at their leisure.

Alberta Drug Rehab Option

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching in Alberta

Addiction Referral and Consultation Services can help you or your loved one get online addiction recovery coaching in Alberta. You can access online addiction recovery coaching regardless of where you live in Alberta.

It is important to note that recovery coaching is not for everyone, as it takes significant commitment and is not free of charge. However, it is an excellent option for anyone wanting better overall control in their life.

Online recovery coaching should not be considered formal addiction counseling. It is usually done when someone has completed a drug rehab program or still has some control over substances but needs help to quit.

Individuals who have completed online recovery coaching contribute their new outlook, and new life start to the knowledge attained in their coaching sessions.

Finally, addiction treatment in Alberta exist in many different forms, and we can guide you to the best recovery center for your life situation.

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