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For Barrie detox and drug rehab centers servicing your community, our addiction referral counsellors can help. We are a referral and consultation service that is nationwide. Looking for substance abuse disorder (SUD) solutions can get a bit complex. But speaking with those in the field can bring simplicity to the subject. Whether you call for detox, rehab, private or public, there are solutions. An experienced addiction referral counsellor can guide you to the best options based on your particular situation and needs.

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Dealing with the “can nots” and “will nots” 

It becomes frustrating when faced with a loved one’s “can not” and “will not” toward any help. Yet you know things can’t stay the same. Getting to reason with an addicted person takes time and patience; sometimes, it just doesn’t bear fruit. There are ways to approach a substance abuser. But the hard-core misuser may not see the light.

Making the right choice with public rehab or private rehab in Barrie

With a wide range of services available for rehab in Barrie, making the right choice for your loved one is important. We can guide you towards the right private treatment program or public access rehab in Barrie. We have assisted thousands of families with various substance abuse issues. The public sector is there for the general public and has programs that may suit your needs. If not, one can find affordable private drug rehabs that service Barrie residents. These will vary slightly from center to center, but the overall approach will be the same. For personalized care, families should lean towards private detox and rehab facilities.

Speaking with one of our referral counsellors will give insight into your choice of private detox, drug and alcohol rehabs in Barrie.

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When is intervention required

And how does it work

As mentioned above, a relative can be abstinent about getting help. This tells you that the person is beyond recognizing the destructive elements of addiction. In Barrie, the level of overdose from illicit drugs is still a major concern. Intervention is required when you notice that the person can’t stop using and pushes away all attempts to help them. In other words, the person is so enmeshed in their abuse they cannot conceive of anything else.

A professional interventionist is a person qualified to deal with these particular situations. They are not there to force the person. They are there to bring about sufficient understanding so the person can recognize and agree their life is not going well. Often specific family members are involved in the intervention steps after being well briefed by the interventionist. More information is available on our intervention series.

The cost of private drug rehabs for Barrie

When deciding on private treatment, one must deal with the cost. There are, in fact, a variety of ways to cover the cost. Though out of pocket is the average payment method. You should know that there are affordable private detox and rehab centers for Barrie residents. The range of costs across Canada will be between $7000 and $30000. And there are also luxury rehabs available for those who can afford these services.

What you get for the price is detox, 24/7 care, room and board, amenities, professional counselling, entertainment, and more. Most centers will offer third-party financing permitting low payments over extended periods. Some have payment plans. Certain drug rehabs will take insurance. One has more than one solution for addiction treatment.

Barrie Detox & Drug Rehab

Working with a Referral & Consultation Counsellor

Whether you live in Barrie or elsewhere in Ontario, working with a referral & consultation counsellor will benefit the situation. You may not have the skill or know-how to deal with your relative and their struggles with mind-altering substances. We do. And each of our counsellors fought their own battle with addiction and now dedicate their experience and training to helping families recover from substance abuse. We are independent agents, meaning we do not represent any particular center in Barrie or elsewhere. We work for you. Call and see what options you have. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.  

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