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For help finding a private drug rehab in Midland, call our toll-free number or request a callback. This will connect you to our referral counsellor at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. Our counsellors have worked in the field of substance abuse for a great many years. They serve the addicted and the family, and they specialize in finding private treatment programs. We can also put you in contact with a public access treatment service. Many families came to a dead-end looking for a drug rehab in Midland, we offer our help.

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Midland Drug Rehab Centers & Referrals

It is hard to watch your child or spouse suffering. When they suffer from the abuse of street drugs, alcohol addiction or prescription meds misuse and you may feel hopeless. As a parent, feeling the need to help is a given. But without professional training or understanding of substance abuse, that help is limited. When you speak with one of our referral addiction counsellors, they will need information about the existing issues. Once done, they work with you to find an option best suited to you and your loved one.

Options for Addiction Treatment for Midland

There are two options for help in our present society for Midland. You can choose a public access program or a private one. Both have similar programs though the differences are important. First, in the private sector, you will see a higher nutritional aspect and greater care regarding hygiene. Second, there will also be more one-on-one addiction counselling; this is not frequent in the public sector. Third, the wait time for a residential room. There is no or very short wait time to arrive in private detox and rehab. Lastly, you receive personalized attention with more counsellors per resident.

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Private vs. Public Services

As a parent, spouse, or addicted person, there are certain things that you need to know. Not only are there affordable private treatment centers in Ontario. There are also long waitlists across the country in the public sector. Restrictive government budgets and low numbers in the workforce and overworked personnel make it so.

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Misuse of Substances

Most people abusing medication, drugs, or alcohol do so to find some uplift. It can be from physical, emotional, or social discomfort. There are only two results when life throws an issue, such as the death of someone close, lost relationships, and so many others. The first is to face it and do our best to live with and learn from it. The other is to suffer from the pain, belittle yourself, and eventually seek some comfort. Way too often, people find relief in alcohol, drugs, or medication in Midland and elsewhere.
Mind-altering substances are numbing agents. Street drugs, medication, and alcohol numb out the pain. When their effects wear off, the person uses more and in higher dosage to get the same result. This rapidly turns into a dependency, also known as addiction.

Drug Rehab in Midland & Private Options

Help make a change in a loved one’s life, call now, and start the process. Addiction can’t wait; it also always worsens. We know addiction and have solutions for you and your loved one in Midland. Let’s work together.

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If you rather attend a public-access program, visit this site: ConnexOntario.