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Cocaine Treatment Toronto, Ontario

Call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services and speak with a referral counsellor. Recognize that we are not a drug rehab or detox center but referral agents. As a referral service, a counsellor can help find cocaine treatment in Toronto or the surrounding areas. We specialize in finding the right cocaine rehab in the private sector across Ontario and the country.

Our referral counsellors have two decades of experience in substance abuse. We know a wide range of treatment approaches for Toronto residents.

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Overcoming Cocaine Addiction in Toronto

How Do We Help

We use some steps to help you find the right service for you, your family member or your friend:

  • We do a general assessment to get a picture of the current issues.
  • Finding out their substance abuse history with cocaine, and any other substance
  • Discovering the person’s level of acceptance of treatment
  • Listing out the particular items to address to help in the recovery.

These are just some of the assessment questions. Your referral counsellor will then propose guidance to a suitable private cocaine recovery center in Toronto or elsewhere. We then put you in direct contact with an intake counsellor at the chosen center.

The Three Steps of Referral



The assessment is the initial interview, getting the necessary information to zero in on the best program for the individual.



We talk about which centre is a good fit. Once agreed, we put you in contact with that treatment facility.


Follow Up

The follow-up is done a few days after our referral to see if all is okay. If not, we further assist you in finding the right rehab centre.

Suited Facility 

Cocaine Treatment Toronto

We suggest a rehab facility based on your needs, situation, goals, and prior treatments. Also included in this is your budget.

Not all residential drug rehab centers in Toronto deal with cocaine. And we can also say that the best cocaine treatment for you might not be in Toronto. As a referral counsellor, I can attest that our experience in the field gives us a unique perspective on how to service your needs.

What to expect once the process is started?

You can expect;

  • Your referral counsellor to be courteous, understanding and, above all, someone who will listen.
  • We’ll never to give up on you or your loved one.
  • Your referral counsellor to give you maximum guidance and support so you or the person you seek to help can accept to move forward with treatment.
  • And above all, you will be rapidly connected to the chosen treatment center.

It is not uncommon once the process of help begins to see the person backing out. In most cases, it is expected. Your referral counsellor will continue guiding and advising you throughout the process. We’ll help you overcome all the complexities if any.

Help for Cocaine Treatment Toronto

Can I Trust Your Cocaine Rehab Referral Service?

Consider that we do not represent any particular private drug rehab in Toronto or elsewhere. We are not subject to or bound to selling a center’s program. As an independent referral and consultation service, we know many avenues exist to treat cocaine abuse. We have experience in the field since 2001.

We believe a friendly attitude, good information, and discretion are important. We provide all of these. We also pledge never to send the person you want to help somewhere we wouldn’t send our own. Trust is often based on a service or relationship that develops from a contact. We invite you to speak to a referral counsellor and establish your trust.

Read our reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

Public or Private

Cocaine Treatment Toronto, Ontario

The choice is yours. Yet having information about each service is a must. Your referral counsellor can fill you in on the differences and the similarities. One benefit of a private cocaine rehab is the quick admission process, but it is an out-of-pocket- expense.

There are more pros and cons to both avenues. Your referral counsellor will be able to present a few options for cocaine addiction in the private sector, servicing Toronto, Ontario residents.

Please call or request a callback by filling out the form below for further clarification.

Marc J. Bernard

Marc J. Bernard

Substance Use Disorder & Recovery Professional,
Referral & Consultation Counsellor

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Or Contact us through
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