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Private Addiction Treatment – GTA

You or a close relative requires help right now with an addiction problem. You are searching for a GTA rehab and would like a private treatment facility. We suggest you call an experienced addiction & referral counsellor. Trained to listen to your specific needs, our referral counsellors can guide you to the best solutions. Our staff will give prompt attention to your situation. Your request for help is important.

We understand that substance abuse is often an urgent matter, not a time to be put on hold. We can guide you if you are worried about your son, daughter, or spouse and are unsure what to do. That is part of the service we offer.

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Local, Public Access Treatment Centers GTA

You can contact your local public addiction treatment center, which we encourage you to do. You will discover that this choice in the GTA may not service your needs in a timely manner. You may find an extended waitlist. That is not the case with private services. Although, if you want the public sector, you should follow the steps laid out by the person taking your call. Realize there are other options with no wait time. In the GTA, a wide range of private substance abuse programs exist, and one may suit your particular needs.

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When you Call Us for a GTA Rehab

First, our counsellor does an assessment and substance abuse evaluation. Second, with this information, our counsellor will determine the best options for affordable private drug rehab in the Greater Toronto Area. And third, from your conversation with our certified Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist, you will have the necessary knowledge to help the person.

Be reassured that we wouldn’t refer your loved one to a place we wouldn’t refer our own. We want them to have a good experience and the service they receive to resolve their issues.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

Sometimes someone’s use is getting out of hand but not to the point of needing residential treatment. But they are slipping and starting to lose control to a certain extent. Recognized mostly as social drinkers or recreational users, they use a bit more than they should.

One solution is our online coaching sessions. It is a one-on-one service that increases understanding, strengthens control, and gives a new perspective on life, according to those that have done it. However, the service does not replace a physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program.

Rehabs in the Greater Toronto Area

Within the GTA, some addiction treatment centers will only address a specific substance. Others are multi-disciplinary and also include specialists for PTSD, trauma, and other types of addiction. They will also offer various therapies, such as art therapy, yoga, etc., and different approaches to treat addiction. But knowing which facility offers what and which program that best suits the person is where we can assist you. You probably want the best service for the person you’re looking to help without taking out three mortgages! Well, some places offer that and more.

Time & Addiction Treatment

The other vital point to take into consideration is TIME. Adding time to deliver help to someone struggling with mind-altering substances is playing Russian roulette with their life. The rate at which drugs ravish society and the staggering number of overdoses in Ontario and across the country demonstrates the urgency.

Our referral and consultation counsellors have worked in the field with abusers and treatment facilities for nearly twenty years. We know what is offered, where, and the results obtainable. Don’t add unnecessary time to helping your loved one.

Greater Toronto Area Rehab Centers

GTA is the largest populated area in Canada and, as such, has the highest number of substance abusers. And will equally have a higher number of treatments center to help. But again, you need to know from someone not directly associated with any one facility. We are not biased; as independent agents, we work with many centers across Ontario and Canada.

You can call our toll-free number and talk with us. You have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time. You might be surprised. We will work with you throughout the process and see to it you find the right treatment that suits your needs and personal issues. We’re here for YOU.  

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