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ARC Services or Addiction Referrals & Consultation Services is a small company specializing in helping families, and loved ones find help for addiction. We offer referral and guidance to private treatment centers and consultation on treatment programs and substance abuse. We also now offer the possibility of online counselling and assessments.

Our staff has a keen insight into addiction, having worked for more than 20 years in the field. They are caring and knowledgeable when it comes to the addicted mind and its intricacies. Family members will find peace of mind and help when they call our line. Here, below, is what our clients have said about our services.

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Online Referral & Consultation Services

I just wanted to send a short thank you, in the form of an email, in regards to a gentleman that I had the pleasure of meeting over the phone while searching out help and a facility for my son who had been dealing with an addiction.   My son not only suffered from addiction but, so many years of frustration and hopelessness left my son paralyzed to deal with his emotions and crippled choices in his young life.

As a family, we were so stuck in not knowing what to do, and even what was reality.  We needed a clear voice to lead us.   Marc was that voice.   He always returned my calls and emails, with some questions being asked more than once!  He was so very patient with me and would faithfully reach out to me if things grew too overwhelming.

I cannot encourage anyone enough who reads this to give Marc a call with any questions or concerns for themselves or a family member needing intervention.  Marc was a big piece of the puzzle for our family, receiving the much-needed guidance and help that is now in place for our son.

God bless you, Marc!


Thank you so much! The information and encouragement you have provided are of huge benefit to me.

You are very good at what you do. I’m so thankful that you were on the other end of the phone when I called.

Take care,


I just wanted to thank you for arranging a call with Susan. She is amazing. I dropped off my fiancée yesterday at a detox place to get her the help she needs. I sent many emails and phoned many places to set this up but you were the only one to respond. Words could never explain my thanks for your help. None of this would be possible without you.


Addiction Recovery Coaching Successes

The things that I have achieved while doing these sessions is to keep myself in a more positive state of mind. Some of these tips that I was taught, are how to see when someone is not good for you or how to see if someone has a personality that will squash you.

These sessions have helped me out very much, they have helped my mental health and the way that I think.  But not only have they helped me; they have helped my relationship with my mother & husband Jason. I now know how to sit down with them and have a conversation and really communicate with them instead of getting overwhelmed and shouting which would cause a fight. These sessions have put me into a great mind and taught me how to love myself again. I have had my mother and Jason both tell me that I have changed for the best and they are happy to be around me 😊

The things that I can take from these sessions and use in everyday life is how to better communicate with people. Does not matter if they are social or anti-social. Susan, the addiction recovery coach, has given me tips on how to interact with both sides and how to raise the affinity.  Another thing that I take from these sessions is to always think about every part of my life when doing something because doing things do not just affect you, they affect all the parts of your life and others. Thank you, Susan, for the professional coaching sessions.


When I first started this program, I didn’t know what to expect. I had seen multiple other therapists over the past few years about the same problem. All of them seemed not to grasp the magnitude of my issue. Maybe I wasn’t able to explain it or open up well enough.

The big difference in this program for me was being able to speak to someone who had been through the same and worse experiences. I have had and relate to the numerous mental and physical detriments associated with addiction.

Once the concepts of a healthy outlook on life have been broken down it seems so obvious what needs to be done to solve these issues.

I think I always knew good and bad habits and certainly felt the effects of both but could never manage to understand and commit to real improvement.

I feel ready to look at life through a more ethical lens and focus on building and improving the different parts of life. Although I think it will take time to grasp these concepts fully.


My name is Jon.  I took coaching recovery on drug addiction with Susan Chubbs.

Prior to meeting her, I struggled with an addiction that had become a consistent part of my life for many years.  Although the frequency of use was not nearly as severe as many addicts, it still had a hugely detrimental effect on my life in more ways than I was aware.

In my mind, I justified using drugs as if it wasn’t hurting anyone, but the reality is it hurts everyone around you, even if others aren’t aware you are doing it.  This program helped me realize the many aspects of life that drugs influence, which was an eye-opener for me.  I would go so far as to say it should be a part of the high-school curriculum simply to make more people aware and to see life in a way that perhaps many people haven’t before, whether they have a substance abuse problem or not.

Making the right choice feels infinitely better than making the wrong one.  It’s the understanding that we have a choice each and every day, which is the most important thing that I take away from my time with Susan.

Through this program, I have also made a friend who has added greatly to this turning point in my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Warm regards,

Jon O.

This program took me by surprise a number of times. Coming from a professional background of supporting youth with substance use issues myself, I had a very particular idea about the type of support I was looking for in my own recovery. On paper, this program was not a fit. Yet, having already spent considerable time searching and facing increasing pressure from family to access some kind of service, I agreed to chat with Susan on the phone. I got off that call surprised by own genuine willingness to give it a try. Something about her introduction as a “stubborn old cat,” her focus on lived experience rather than education or certifications, and her straightforward, matter-of-fact way of describing the program left me with little doubt that something could be gained from working together.

Throughout the progression of the 15 sessions, I noticed myself thinking about and finding more and more use for the content Susan and I would discuss together. The material itself didn’t often feel new but became something more tangible and easily applied than my existing knowledge base as the weeks built upon each other. I was surprised when I began to hear Susan’s words in my head as the relevance of what we had talked about in the previous session presented itself in some ordinary life experience. At some point, instead of dragging myself through some bleak day-to-day living, I felt myself opening my eyes and seeing the thoughts and beliefs I had been dragging around through life as something I could choose to carry with me or not. I can’t claim to be much closer to any sort of destination, but at least I’ve started to feel that the direction is worthwhile. Wherever I’m headed, Susan and this program have helped me feel more confident and capable of heading there each day.


For those of you reading, first and foremost, you are not alone. Susan is a godsend. Throughout my struggle with substance abuse, it took me a while to really commit to any program because I thought I could do things on my own. Learn on my own and figure things out on my own. In my case, that was totally wrong. And with the hard work that Susan had put in with me, I started to realize I was shutting out the support I really needed.

The knowledge in this program isn’t just for substance abuse or addiction. It relates to everyday life. It helps you stay accountable to yourself. Every single day is a new day for you to be your best self.

I’ve put my loved ones in many tough situations, but with this program, they were able to see the progress I’ve made and will continue to make. This isn’t a success story of what I’ve gone through with substance that has now come to an end, absolutely not. Your success happens every day, step by step, goal by goal. Any difficulty outside the realm of drugs and alcohol can be tackled with the help and information that Susan has so kindly given men. Life will always have its ups and downs, but we can always prevail. Be your own counsel and keep yourself in check. Remember your own ethics and moral codes. Be the change that you want to be. For a short time, I wanted to be a better man for my loved ones and emulate certain people that I admire. Now I am starting my path to be everything I want to see myself become, a strong, positive, knowledgeable and love-giving individual. 

Thank you, Susan, for being there and always willing to lend your pillar of support. 



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